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    Vivid Banyan

    Highly skilled and experienced wedding event photographer who specializes in capturing the essence and beauty of couples' special days. With a passion for creativity and a keen eye for detail, Sarah's unique and vivid photography style is highly sought by couples seeking a bespoke and flexible approach to their wedding photography.

    Our friendly and personable approach ensures that couples feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. our focus on creating a tailored and personalized experience for each couple makes us a popular choice for those seeking a bespoke and unforgettable photography experience.

    Our Approach

    We take a team approach to capturing your most precious moments. Our team of friendly, flexible, and easy-going photographers understand that every couple and event is unique. We strive to provide a casual, non-traditional, and relaxed approach to photography that truly reflects your personality and style.

    Our team is dedicated to creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere, which allows us to capture natural and spontaneous moments that reflect the energy and spirit of your event. Whether you're seeking a traditional or non-traditional approach, we're committed to creating the perfect experience that meets your needs.

    With our collaborative approach, we can capture every angle and detail of your special day, ensuring that nothing is missed. We believe that the best photographs are the ones that tell a story and capture the emotions of the moment, and our team is committed to doing just that. We're passionate about capturing your unique story and dedicated to delivering an experience that is as memorable and enjoyable as the photographs themselves.

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    Our Team


    Luke is a highly experienced and friendly wedding photographer specialising in capturing candid moments during weddings. He has several years of experience in indoor and outdoor photography and is also skilled in event photography. Luke's focus on candid photography allows him to capture the natural emotions and beauty of each wedding, making his photos truly special. He has a keen eye for detail and uses his creativity to capture stunning shots that showcase the couple's love for each other. If you're looking for a talented and personable wedding photographer, contact us for more information 



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    Bhagi Siva is an award-winning documentary photographer who captures the beauty of the world in breathtaking detail. With a passion for exploring the natural world and a keen eye for composition, Bhagi's images are both stunning and thought-provoking. He brings his over a decade's wisdom into wedding and portrait photography to create artisanal imagery of your precious moments.

    He was a two-time finalist at the International Travel Photographer of The Year awards (TPOTY). He was also selected twice as an Australian Photographer of The Year finalist by the Australian photography magazine.

    His images were featured by National Geographic Online, Lonely Planet, Wall Street Journal, Fujifilm, Shotkit, Intrepid Travel, and various other local/international magazines. Bhagi has always had a deep appreciation for the richness and diversity of storytelling moments documenting the essence of his surroundings through photography.
    Through his art, Bhagi invites us to see your beautiful moments through his eyes - to revel in its beauty, to contemplate its complexities, and to be inspired by its potential.

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    Meet Saptha, a talented and creative photographer passionate about capturing the beauty of life's most precious moments. Saptha is an open, friendly, and fun guy who understands that the key to creating beautiful photographs is to make his clients feel comfortable and at ease. He believes the best way to capture authentic and meaningful moments is to connect with his clients and create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

    Saptha loves to share ideas and collaborate with his clients to create unique and personalized photography experiences. When it comes to photography, Saptha is passionate about capturing beautiful images and capturing his subjects' essence and personality. He loves to explore different angles, lighting, and compositions to create images that are as unique and individual as his clients.

    With Saptha, you can be yourself and let your personality shine through. He is committed to capturing your most cherished events and creating images you will treasure forever. His love of cars and photography shines through in every image he creates, and his infectious enthusiasm and sense of fun make him a joy to work with.

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    Chathurana is a world-class, multi-talented photographer who has made a name for himself in the industry for his exceptional work in events, weddings, sports, underwater, and extreme event photography. With a keen eye for detail and a natural talent for capturing the essence of every moment, Chathurana is widely regarded as one of Sydney's most sought-after young professionals.

    Born with a natural talent for photography, Chathurana has honed his skills over many years, working tirelessly to become a true master of his craft. Whether it's capturing the beauty and romance of a wedding, the excitement and energy of a sporting event, or the thrill and adrenaline of an extreme activity, Chathurana has the skill, experience, and creativity to deliver truly breathtaking results.

    What sets Chathurana apart from the rest is not just his technical skill and artistry, but also his fun and friendly personality. He is a joy to hang out with and always goes above and beyond to ensure that his clients feel relaxed, comfortable, and happy. Whether you're looking for a photographer to capture your wedding day or to document your extreme adventure, Chathurana is the perfect choice. His willingness to take on any challenge and his passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible make him a truly exceptional photographer.

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    URastaG is a talented artistic photographer known for his creative, simple, and humble approach to photography. He has a deep passion for capturing stunning images that reflect the beauty of the world around us while also expressing his unique ideas and perspectives.

    One of the most remarkable things about URastaG is his dedication to his customers. He deeply cares about ensuring his clients are happy with his work and always goes above and beyond to ensure they are satisfied. He understands that his job is to take photos and create lasting memories for his clients that they will treasure for years to come.

    In addition to his commitment to his customers, URastaG is also deeply committed to the world around us. He understands his work's impact on the environment and takes great care to ensure that he operates sustainably and responsibly. Whether he is shooting in the great outdoors or a studio, he always takes steps to minimise his environmental footprint.

    One thing that sets URastaG apart from other photographers is his ability to capture candid, spontaneous moments full of emotion and humanity. His images are not just beautiful, but they also have a deep sense of humanity and genuinely remarkable authenticity. This is perhaps due partly to his humble and down-to-earth nature, which allows him to connect with his subjects on a profoundly personal level.

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    Camera bodies

    Canon Mark IV (multiple bodies)
    Canon EOS R (multiple bodies)
    Sony A7IV (multiple bodies
    Nikon D810
    Nikon D4S
    Fujifilm GFX medium format

    Camera lenses

    Canon 100mm macro
    Canon 24-105mm f/4.0
    Canon 85mm f/1.4
    Canon 70-200mm f/4.0
    Canon 135mm f.2.0
    Canon 35mm f/1.4
    Canon 28mm f/1.8

    Flashes and lights

    Canon ST-E3 Speedlite Transmitter
    Canon 600 EX II-RT Speedlites (multiple)
    Stella Pro 5000 video light
    Stella 2000 video light

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